What is a Christian? Are you sure you know? This series builds on that foundation and covers a wide variety of relevant topics. Whether you've been a Christian for days or decades, you're sure to learn something.

You can remember more of what you learn if you practice some of the habits recommended in How to Listen to a Sermon. How well we listen may determine how effective and successful we become in our Christian lives. So be sure to practice the five principles of listening.

Many messages in this series are not yet transcribed, so be sure to download the MP3 files or stream the WMA files so you don't miss out.

How to Know the Will of God

A longing to know the will of God in every detail of your life is put there by the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, you recognize what God has done for you and you want to please Him. God does have a plan for each of our lives. He will reveal it to us if we want to know it and are committed to doing His will. And we can know God's will with assurance. Have you blown it? God still has a plan for you; He has a "best" for your life from this point forward.

Get Directions: How to Know the Will of God is a two-part series that gives you four principles to follow as you seek God's will for your life.

How to Get Answers to Prayer

Nearly every Christian will admit to the need of a more effective prayer life. We all know that we should pray more. We know that our failure to pray is sin. Prayer is one of the basic means by which God changes men and nations. So how can we pray more effectively so that God answers our prayers? The two-part message on How to Get Answers to Prayer covers the principles to help us pray as we should; what we should include in our prayers; where, when, how, in what position we should pray, and finally the results of Spirit-filled praying.