Dr. Charles R. Swindoll
Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

Richard was one who found and followed and finished God's Will. Our lives are richer and better because of the man God gave us.

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks
Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

Real treasures need to be carefully kept, viewed thoughtfully and used to teach and restore perspective. The messages God gave to Richard Strauss during his incredibly fruitful pastorate are true riches. Spiritual Gold allows them to be reviewed and re-applied. What a gift to our spiritually hungry generation.

Hans Finzel
President, WorldVenture - formerly CBInternational, Littleton, CO

I was a brand new Christian when I discovered the teaching ministry of Richard Strauss. It was his teachings that put me on the map spiritually and on the road to my 35-year journey with Christ. I consider his Bible teaching among the finest and richest I have ever listened to.

Dr. Earl Radmacher
President Emeritus, Professor of Theology Emeritus, Western Seminary in Portland

Richard Strauss and I go way back. We were study buddies in the doctoral program. From there he went into the pastorate and I went to seminary faculty and administration. On occasion he would invite me for a conference and it would give us a chance to catch up with each other. Without fail I was always impressed with his faithful exposition of God's Word and the practical application of it to living. One of his finest series, toward the end of his ministry, was on the biblical doctrine of reward. My wife says they are the best ever done. She listens to them over and over while she does her ironing. They are life changing!

Dave Dravecky
Retired MLB Pitcher; President, Dave Dravecky's Outreach of Hope Ministry

By God's divine appointment, Dr Richard Strauss was one of my first pastors. His wonderful Bible teaching and gentle and humble faith played a significant role in laying the foundation of my own faith. That foundation would soon be tested by a cancer diagnosis, amputation of my pitching arm and retirement from professional baseball. His teaching and example helped me not only endure personal tragedy, but eventually experience spiritual triumph as well. Pastor Strauss was one of the great blessings in my life. He was a shepherd in the true sense of the word.

Ken Kemp
Pastor, Richfield Community Church, Yorba Linda, CA

I first heard about "Doc Strauss" from my grandfather. Grandpa Charlie was a discriminating student of the Bible. He considered Dr. Richard Strauss one of the best. Doc studies diligently, grandpa said. His weekly sermons are fresh, theological, and meticulously prepared. He is thorough in his analysis and effective in his application. I later discovered Doc's unique style on my own. My grandfather's evaluation was confirmed. His timeless approach bridges the generations. Doc believed it. The faithful teaching of the Scripture transforms hearts. I'm glad Spiritual Gold has preserved those messages. I rely on them in my own study. They enrich my devotional life.

John G. Yphantides, J.D., CPA
Attorney at Law, San Diego, CA

Years after sitting under his teaching while he was living, Dr. Richard Strauss' ministry legacy continues to be used by God to apply Biblical truth to my life. I am very grateful to have this excellent resource available.

Levi Knox
Canon City, CO

I wanted to tell you my appreciation for loading Dr. Strauss' sermons in such a way, namely as wma files, so that I can download them and burn them to CD's. I wish other ministries would do it that way. In these times I think the word of God in its many forms should be delivered as inexpensively and easily as possible and trusting God for the reimbursement.

Rev. Dr. Ronald Holden
Past President of the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada

I have been listening to tapes of Dr Strauss on the Holy Spirit and wish to receive more of that depth and quality. I am a pastor in the backwaters of British Columbia but taught at New Brunswick Bible Institute where Lehman Strauss used to minister every other year for a brief period; his ministry was rich but Dr Richard Strauss' ministry reaches into another dimension.

Larry Klabunde
Public School Teacher, Worthington, OH

The most influential spiritual mentor outside my parents is Richard Strauss. I always knew him as "Pastor Strauss," as I grew from young adolescence into adulthood. In fact, I find myself as an almost-50-year-old comparing the current teachings of men of God with those of Pastor Strauss's, and I realize how blessed I was to sit at the feet of such a gifted expositor of the Word! I had an incredibly rich spiritual upbringing..., one that has provided a solid foundation for my life.

Oftentimes, I pop in a CD of one of Pastor Strauss's sermons as I drive to and from work, and I am reminded of the wonderful truths of scripture, applied in a very personal way. What a wonderful library has been assembled of Pastor Strauss' sermons from over the years. It is amazing how timeless they are!

As a youth, growing up in his church, I regularly tooked notes of his teaching, and I have found those notes to be an inspiration to me, even as an adult. One of the most meaningful memories I have, is that of how Pastor Strauss would ALWAYS conclude each and every sermon with a gospel invitation. He is the only pastor I have ever heard who is able to weave absolutely every teaching from the Word of God into a clear gospel presentation. I remember him saying that he would not want to stand at the throne of God, and have the Lord ask why he did not clearly present the gospel from his pulpit. And so, the good news of salvation was a key part of each and every teaching.

To study the Word of God, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, in such a refreshing and meaningful way..., what a treat! You will remain captivated by each and every sermon you hear. The Holy Spirit will bless you today, as He has done for many others over the years.

Eric Wright
US Armed Forces

I just wanted to say thanks for running this website and making the sermons available online. I am sitting in the CAOC in Al Udeid, Qatar involved in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, downloading a sermon to listen to. Didn’t know if you knew that your efforts were making a difference on the other side of the world—they are. Gal 6:9

Steve Strauss, Ph.D.
Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

When people asked me who "discipled" me, the first person who comes to my mind is my Dad. Both his public ministry and his personal life did more to shape me in my walk with Christ than that of any other person. Dad was consistent, humble, transparent, teachable, a person of highest integrity, and always had a passion to know and obey his Lord. Of course I'm biased, but I also think he's the best Bible teacher I've ever heard! In 19 years of international service I found his tapes and books to be among the most cross-cultural tools available to me because they were so thoroughly Scriptural and clearly relevant. Whatever your background, I encourage you to enjoy the ministry of the man who most shaped my own life and ministry: Richard Strauss.

Mike Strauss, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics, University of Oklahoma

Richard Strauss, my Dad, demonstrated a profound trust in God throughout every circumstance of life. I vividly remember a sermon he preached on Daniel, Chapter 1 during his battle with cancer. Unable to stand for long periods of time because of the disease, he sat on a stool and asked a question posed by this passage, "Where is God when bad things happen?" Rather than complain about the rotten circumstances he had to endure, he boldly proclaimed that God was still sovereign and in control, even during these challenges of life. His sermons were always clear, Biblical, and relevant, a rare combination. Not only was he the best Bible teacher I have ever heard, but he lived out what he preached on a daily basis. He always knew that his ministry and life were about bringing glory and honor to Jesus, not to himself.

I am so grateful for the ministry of spiritualgold.org. Even long after his death, we can hear this awesome Bible teaching. Through the sermons available on the web, I am able to gain great strength and encouragement, and be deeply challenged, by the teaching of my Dad. I am sure that you, too, will be blessed and inspired by listening to the messages of this exceptional preacher.

Mark Strauss, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary, San Diego

My Dad, Richard Strauss, had a unique ability to dig deeply into God's Word and then to serve it up to people in a manner that was clear, straightforward, and eminently practical. He also lived out the faith he proclaimed daily with transparency and humility. I know, because I grew up with him!

Tim Strauss
Youngest son of Dr. Richard Strauss

I have worked overseas for 16 years and have seen my Dad's sermons listened to in each of the three cultures on three different continents that I have worked. What I have seen is the simple clear presentation of scriptural truth that my Dad was so good at spans the cultural differences in these various places. On top of this, personally he is my favorite Bible teacher. He truly made every effort to practice what he preached and as a son, I would know if that had not been the case. I consider it a treasure that I am able to listen to his sermons even now 13 years after his death and find them challenging and insightful for the things I am facing in my life today.

All quotes used with permission.